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How Can We Help You?

We do customized treatments to aid a number of pain and mobility related issues and address the bodies somatic response to physical and emotional trauma. Our treatment sessions are usually between an hour and a half to two hours long and we encourage you to read how to prepare for a medical massage treatment. We specialize in working with following populations and conditions:

  • Athletes

  • Children

  • People 65+

  • Accidents or injury

  • Mobility and function

  • Chronic pain

  • Somatic trauma

  • Sensory sensitive/Autistic​

  • Neurological conditions

  • Stress/Tension/Grief


Our Services

First Time Visit

Book this before starting any other treatment

When you come in for your first visit, there will be some time taken for the intake process. This includes a review of your intake form thats emailed to you when you book through the appointment site and we will review your goals for your massage treatment sessions. We may also do a posture and gait analysis or test your range of motion and muscle activation to start building the bigger picture of your wellness priorities. 

Cupping Massage Treatment

Targets: Pain | dysfunction | injury | illness | circulation | tension | stress

Cupping is great for relief of pain and increase in mobility. It also helps with detoxification, tight or stiff muscles, and increases oxygen, blood, and lymphatic flow, enhancing recovery. Read more about cupping here and call the clinic prior to your appointment if you have any questions.

Sports Massage

Targets: Pre & post athletic event or training

A sports massage can be useful pre and post workout or competition. You and your therapist will discuss your goals and create your care plan. Use of IASTM tools, stretching techniques, cupping, and athletic taping may be used during this treatment.

Available in 60, 90, or 120 minute sessions.

Kids Sport Massage Treatment 5-16 years

Target: posture, mobility, and stress for growing active children

A kids sports massage can benefit children with stress, performance, pain, discomfort, tension, or injury recovery. Children training for scholarships or playing in sports of any kind can benefit.

Available in 60 minute sessions.

Massage for Seniors 65+

Target: pain and ailments for an aging populations

Targeting client specific needs around recovery and aging. Range of motion, balance, circulation, reaction time, tension and pain relief, and to help restore physical and emotional vitality.

Available in 60 minute sessions.

Medical Neuromuscular Massage Treatment

Targets: Pain | dysfunction| injury| tension| stress

Addresses compensation issues, enhancing circulation, and also relieving headaches, restrictive movement, tension caused by stress, and body pain, tingling, and numbness. This may include work with IASTM tools, cupping, and athletic taping. Full body/Upper body/Lower body concentration

Available in 60, 90, or 120 minute sessions.

SET Massage Treatment 

Targets: The core causes of acute or chronic pain/stress in the body.

The goal is to support the highest functionings of all bodily systems through optimum structural, muscular, and energetic alignment. SET combines applied kinesiology and muscle testing, postural analysis, Cranial/Structural techniques, directed myofascial unwinding, emotional energy release, acupressure, scar tissue and adhesion release, deep tissue therapy and other forms of therapeutic bodywork into one approach for maximum efficiency.

Available in 90 or120 minute sessions.

Stretch Therapy Session

Targets: Mobility/tension

This treatment is done clothed in relaxed fitness attire. Your massage therapist will do a series of specific stretches or a 1 hour full body routine that includes full range sports stretches, energy muscle, PNF, dynamic, and passive techniques.


Details on these sessions coming soon!

Neurodiverse Conditions

Targets: neurodiverse conditions, motor disability, hypersensitivity, touch sensitivity, autism

More information about these sessions coming soon!

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