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Cupping Massage Treatment


Targets: Pain/dysfunction/injury/illness/circulation/tension/stress

We are the experts in medical cupping techniques, holding several certifications for treating a variety of issues.

Cupping is great for relief of pain and increase in mobility. It also helps with detoxification, tight or stiff muscles, and increases blood and lymphatic flow, relieving pain and smoothing the skin and muscles. Please call the clinic prior to your appointment if you have any questions.

Cupping is an ancient healing modality that is present in many histories all over the world, dating back thousands of years. The general idea behind cupping is to lift, via suction, the tissue and muscle and invite a fresh flow of blood, lymphatic fluids, and oxygen, while softening and relieving tension in the area. 

Types of cupping that we do: We use a variety of high quality medical grade silicone, plastic, glass, and biomagnetic cups in various techniques around the body to achieve the desired relief or alignment. Cupping is done lightly or deeper with more intensity. Sometimes cups are moved around the body in gliding motions and sometimes they are held in one place in stationary techniques. Like massage, some cupping techniques will be slightly uncomfortable but result in higher overall relief. Cupping will sometimes also leave marks that look like suction circles or that in color from light pink to dark purple. These marks happen depending on many factors including the particular technique the therapist is using, how much tension or adhesion the person has in a particular area, whether or not the person is hydrated, if the person has sensitive skin, and a variety of other reasons that will always be discussed prior to your treatment. Cupping marks can feel like nothing or have a light soreness but are usually not painful and will fade completely within 5 to 10 days. 

Cupping is available in Sports and Medical Neuromuscular massage treatments but also as a stand alone or blanket treatment. 

A blanket cupping session incorporates the use of several cups all at once to cover your body and perform a series of stretching techniques to give large grid release that goes much further beyond fascia. The effects of this treatment are an encompassing tension release and a state of calm and euphoria that is deeply lasting and relaxing. We recommended you take some time after this treatment to relax, meditate, nap, or float.

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