Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of massage therapy?

Some of the many benefits to massage therapy are as follows:

-Relaxes muscles.
-Reduces pain.
-Increases local circulation and venous flow.
-Improves joint mobility and flexibility.
-Increases lymphatic flow, resulting in improved immune response.
-Increases body awareness.
-Helps push metabolic wastes from muscles into venous and lymphatic flow.
-Improves immune function via stress release.
-Encourages better digestion with relaxation.

Mental and Emotional:
-Stimulates parasympathetic nervous system, causing a general sense of relaxation.
-Increases mental clarity.
-Reduces anxiety and initiates a general feeling of calm,comfort, and well being.
-Releases unexpressed emotions.
-Releases endorphins associated with relaxation and joy.

Does massage hurt?

It depends.
 I’ve had clients that think that unless they are feeling pain, that they are not achieving results. Save that ‘No pain, no gain’ motto for the gym. Massage should be a soothing, stress-relieving experience in which your relief and total relaxation are the goal. It is possible to overwork an area and further exasperate issues. Your therapist will discuss a treatment plan with you.
With Sports and Neuromuscular massage, there are sometimes tender areas on the body and techniques that may bring about discomfort and pain when worked on. With that, communication is key. Whatever treatment type you choose, speaking with your therapist before and during a session will help you understand the reason for your pain, if it's safe to continue working there, and if the pressure should be adjusted.

Do you do spinal adjustments?

Absolutely not. Elevated Massage and Wellness may work with your chiropractor or general doctor when treating specific things but massage therapy works primarily on soft tissue manipulation and  massage therapists can not do adjustments, diagnose, or treat any illness. If your therapist sees or feels anything of concern, they will direct you to see your physician.

What kinds of massage do you offer?

Check out the ‘Services’ page for all the modalities that we offer and the descriptions of our sessions. We are very committed to continued education and are always building on ways that we can help bring you relief!

When do I  schedule and how often?

This all depends on your budget and your goals. Elevated has pricing and packages to help you get discounts for receiving consistent therapy and regular massage.
For athletes, a good time to get a massage is pre and post event and before and after strenuous work-outs. Also, routinely during periods of rest and as a part of recovery and maintenance. Like exercise itself, your benefits are cumulative. The more regularly you receive a massage, the more you’ll reap the advantages of them. Massage is an important part of preventative maintenance as well as recovery. Remember the that consistency is the key. A lot of athletes get several massages a week. 
Some people make weekly or bi-weekly appointments. Even getting massaged once a month regularly has long lasting positive impact. Speak with your massage therapist after your first massage and see if they recommend anything based on what they concluded about your session. There are great discounts for multiple massage packages and you can book them in advance in the scheduling tab.

What body parts does a massage therapist work on?

Every massage can be customized to fit your needs and comfort. Full body massages usually include all of the following unless otherwise specified: back, buttocks, legs, feet, shoulders, arms, neck, face, and head.


Do I have to have my clothes either on or off?

Some massage is done with comfortable clothes that allows for full range of motion, like most Sports and chair massage. Massage works best when it can be skin to skin contact.  In some treatments, your therapist will ask you disrobe to the level of your comfort. By Florida law, you will remain drapped for the entirety of the session. Only areas that are worked on will be uncovered for treatment. If for any reason you want any part of your body to remain clothed, we can still be able to give you a successful treatment and relaxing experience.

If I have a medical condition can I still receive massage therapy?

It depends on the condition. There are some things that massage therapy has  been proven to be very medically beneficial. We call these conditions massage indicated. These are some examples of conditions that massage is good for though there are many more as well. Ask your therapist if you have any questions:

  •  back, neck or shoulder pain
  •  muscle spasms and muscle weakness
  •  whiplash
  •  nerve injuries
  •  carpal tunnel syndrome
  •  sciatica
  •  Parkinsonism/Parkinson's Disease 
  •  poor circulation
  •  tendinitis or arthritis
  •  cerebral palsy
  •  fibromyalgia
  •  grief, anxiety, or depression
  •  headaches and migraines
  •  scar tissue impingement

 Some medical conditions are massage contraindicated and massage is not recommended.
Some of those conditions are as follows:

  • fever
  • acute (recent) injury or accident
  • dizziness or nausea
  • deep bruises, open wounds
  • rashes or severe sunburn
  • history of thrombosis
  • intoxication (including narcotic pain medications)
  • certain medications that affect the circulatory system

There are additional conditions where massage therapy could cause adverse effects. If you have any condition (chronic or acute), or are taking any medications, you should consult with your primary healthcare provider before seeing a massage therapist. In some cases, massage may be appropriate with some changes to the techniques or session. In the interest of personal safety, you must disclose all medical conditions to the therapist and will be asked to do so at your initial visit and throughout any changes while you are still receiving treatment.

If you need a doctor referral form, request one from your therapist.

Do you accept insurance as a form of payment?

We do not currently take insurance at this time though we are exploring that as an option.

How should I prepare for a massage and what should I do after?

Before: It’s good to come to a massage hydrated to help rid the excess toxins and waste. Being in comfortable clothing and being able to relax is important. Your body will hold itself tense especially when it feels discomfort. It is important to remember that you receive the best results of massage therapy when you are fully relaxed. Steady deep breathing throughout your treatment is recommended.

After: Drink 8 or more oz of water to help flush your systems of waste. Follow up with your massage therapist for your treatment plan and/or next appointment. 

Why should I become a VIP member?

The pricing was put together at Elevated Massage and Wellness to give athletes and others needing routine massage consistent and affordable options for receiving massage treatments. 

Burg Crossfit:

If you are a Burg Crossfit member, all massages and packages are automatically discounted. When booking online use the discount codes sent to you in your welcome email. If you are current Burg member and do not have the code, contact Burg Crossfit or Elevated Massage and Wellness for assistance.

Anyone can sign up for a VIP membership but only a select number of memberships are available every year so that all appointments are honored. This pricing allows for anyone needing massage routinely to have access to consistent low pricing by guaranteeing regular work for the therapist. The therapist gets to better monitor the progress of your sessions and receives valuable and steady feedback from the you. If you need massage for regular preventative maintenance, rehabilitation, aid in workout recovery, help with symptoms of a chronic pain or illness that massage is indicated for, or just want to make massage a focus in your wellness routine, you should consider a VIP membership.

Do you do outcall or can you do on-site massage for my

Home visits are made selectively and recipients of Able Life Massage and Sensory Therapies take priority. Elevated Massage and Wellness does offer event chair massage. Call (727)320-6093 for more details.

What can I do if I am interested in learning more about
Able Life Massage
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